joi, 3 decembrie 2015

Our English Drama Club

      In November, students from grades 6th and 7th were invited to take part in the first meeting of the English Drama Club, organized and held by one of the English teachers. The activities were such a success that there will be a monthly meeting until the end of the school year.
    Here are some students’ views and lovely photos taken during the workshop.

“The English DRAMA CLUB is in fact a development, knowledge and involvement club. It is organised by our lovely teacher, Mrs. Popenţa Laura. We had our first meeting at the school gym, on Friday at half past eleven.
- First activity: all of us stepped in a circle, and made the energizer, the warm-up activity. We had to count from one to ten, and when we said ten, we had to "touch the sky".
- Second activity - we had to say our name and mime something that represents us: music, sports and sleeping, etc... Before that, we had to draw our hand shape and put our name in it.
- Third activity: we had a ball and we had to throw it to someone (we had to look at the person, say his/her name and then throw the ball).
- Fourth activity: we had to walk around the gym and, when the teacher clapped her hands, we had to... FREEZE. Then, we greeted the colleagues next to us :)
- Fifth activity: the mirror game. The teacher made pairs and we had to mime something at the same time. We had to mime slowly so that no one could tell the difference between the person and the mirror.”
                                                                                        CORINA NEGOITA, 7B

“This English Drama Club is the best club in the world.
  We’ve made a „Friends Poster” with all our hands and names and we’ve made lots of friends like Medeea, Ioana, Robert, Andreea, Adriana, Alexandra, Radu and Vlad.
•    We “charged on” like a flower, counting from zero to ten. We played „The mirror” and we ran a lot.
  •    So lots of fun, a very special good-feeling and a positive energy.
  •    I hope that we will have another session of our club soon.
  •    Everyone is happy and so glad to see Mrs Laura Popenta every time, because she is such a fantastic teacher and such an amazing person. We really love her! Her club is the best, like a party, without limits.”


       The next session of fun and games will be on the 11th of December. Practise your Zip, Zap, Boing movements and sounds, please!

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