luni, 18 ianuarie 2016

`Drama Club`


“I think the `Drama Club` is the best thing invented for students who are passionate about English or just want to have fun. We start at 11:30 a.m. and finish at 12:30 a.m. We have to speak only in English.
  • At the first meeting, if I can say like this, each student drew the outline of his hand on a large poster with different colours and wrote his/her name inside. In the centre of the poster it was drawn the outline of our English teacher`s hand. After that we glued the poster on the wall of the gym. 
  •  We play a lot of funny games or activities. Once we had to run around the gym and when our teacher, Popenta Laura, said `STOP` we had to stop and say `Hello!` to the nearest student. It was funny because teacher said `STOP` at very short intervals. At another activity, the teacher grouped us in two rows: number one and number two. We found our pair and played something interesting: number one had to do something and number two , his/her pair  had to imitate number one`s slow movements.
  • We played a funny game which is called ` Zip, Zap , Boing. It was funny because we had to say the words very fast accompanied by a certain move. And if someone did something wrong, that person was out of the game. 
  • In fact, we are having fun.”
                                                                   UNGUREANU ISABELA, VII C

“Yesterday we had another session of our English Drama Club. This time fun got mixed with a strange feeling of fear because we had to guide each other with our closed eyes, but that was GREAT!  
  • I was a person who can`t move and see and I was attacked by a "bee"(the person in front of me). The bee was touching me very softly and I needed to avoid it without moving my feet. It was very FUNNY and let me say that I laughed a lot.
  •  I really hope that the other session in January will be even funnier, if that’s possible.”
                                                                             TUDOR DELIA, VI C

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